A Custom Branded Private Social Network For Your Club

We can customize our App to fit your branding and needs. We will us your colors and your themes, making the App look like your own. Please contact us for details.



  • Club Branded (White Label) 
  • Powerful Data Analytics for Better Member Engagement
    • Track Members' Progress
    • Track Members' Activity
    •  Track Gym Equipment Utilization
Data Analytics-01 2.png
  • Member Activity Tracking
  • Calorie Tracker & Diet Assistant
  • Private Social Network
    • Newsfeed
    • Profile with activity Stats
    • Private Messaging
    • Forums, Q&A
    • Classes & Calendar
    • Find a Workout Buddy
  • Automatic Check-ins into Machines
  • Exercise Guide with Instructional Videos (as you approach a machine, it notifies you with relevant information and all available exercises)
  • Contents & Gamification


  • Cross-Platform (available on all Mobile and Desktop platforms) 



I am Sara Bowman with GymGroups. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. I started working on the Sales Operational Management side of the gym business. Worked for Ballys, 24 Hour Fitness, L.A Fitness.

What I have seen in the years that I have been in the industry is the gym owners are focused on revenue streams that they can influence by marketing and by driving sales. I think that's predominantly because the member retention component is elusive. It's hard for them to nail it down, to pinpoint it. 

What I have heard more times than not are new members that are struggling to fit in and make a connection. Not only with other members but to connect with the staff. Over 70% of members that cancel a gym, cancel for social reasons. 

People want to connect with each other. They want to make a connection. They want to engage. They want to communicate with other people that are like minded.

Where the GymGroups platform comes in and really helps to solve that issue is that multiple direction communication method. On the GymGroups platform, a member can reach out to a trainer. They can reach out to a staff member any time they want to, by way of this platform. It makes facilitating that kind of communication so much more effective, more streamlined, more efficient, and less invasive. It is obvious that people want that type of communication this days. 

One of the most exciting things that I have seen in my career in the health and fitness industry revolves around the instant activity tracker that we have on the GymGroups platform. This is incredibly innovative for the health and fitness industry in general. It allows members to actually track their activity in the club and record at every piece of equipment that they have used as they use it. While keeping track of the amount of time, the duration that they've been on in each piece of equipment.

The activity tracker is not necessarily a way to eliminate the need for a personal trainer by no means. It is a way for the member to gain instruction and support when they can't afford to have a trainer or they don't feel like they want to engage with a trainer. That is valuable because it makes that member much less vulnerable. They feel more empowered and they will stay a lot longer.

Knowing what the member needs is what I am most proud of to bring to the table for GymGroups because I can be the members voice to club owners. I can be the members voice to our product.

Hi. My name is Emre Sokullu, I am the founder of GymGroups. I wanted to talk to you about the instant activity tracker and the technology behind it. The instant activity tracker uses low energy sensor technology that sends a signal to the mobile device checking each machine that is used. This thing was out processed by our mobile app, sent to our servers, and present it to the user in their compliance dashboard. 

Gym owner's can see this activities aggregated so that they can gain valuable cloud intelligence.