Product Walkthrough

This product walkthrough was recorded at the Club Industry Show, Chicago in September 2014.

I'm Sara Bowman. I'm the vice president of sales and marketing for GymGroups. I'm going to walk you through our private social networking platform to help you increase retention.
Here we are on the homepage and you can see it really resembles a Facebook look and feel. We did that by design, so that your members are able to adapt to this technology with ease. Across the top you can see this alignment of members references those folks that are currently working out at the gym at this time. They've checked in using their mobile device and they have determined that they want everyone to know that they're working out in the gym.
As I scroll down, you can see the feed pertains a number of different things, notifications specifically for members, but this particular icon refers to part of the activity-tracking aspect of what we do based on our sensory technology. This icon shows that this member is telling everyone she climbed and this person posted a video.
Again, you can see more icons in the feed of people's exercises, but then we've also incorporated the gaming aspect into the platform with these different badges that people can earn based on their accomplishments. The club can actually provide these badges. Trainers can provide these badges. The possibilities are endless. In fact, other members could give out badges if you so choose to allow them to. In the main feed, you can pretty much see all of that.
Really where we differentiate ourselves from a public social networking platform is the aspect of having a private, exclusive environment in which all of your members are inputted. The exclusity of the environment really allows your members to make communication and connections much quicker by way of the search element of it.
But people are able to find other people without even knowing their name and without even having specific information about them because they can actually look at their picture and see if that's the person that they actually did that class with that they're trying to track down because they really enjoyed doing that with them. It's just a much easier way for people to connect. In fact, none of this is really possible in a Facebook environment or a public platform environment.
Obviously, we've got other tabs that house content, videos, photos, calendar. What I want to really express is the importance of giving the member the empowerment to be able to input their own blogs, their own videos, their own pictures, they're own content, so that they feel like they're really sharing and that they own a part of this platform because they're going to be more engaged if they do.
In the groups aspect of what we have here, the club can create a group, the members can create different groups, and really, again, it's about giving them the leverage to put in the information and make connections with the different people in these groups.
I will say this is actually an excellent way for personal trainers to be able to streamline their clients and put them in an even more exclusive environment within the exclusive environment. It's a great way for them to manage their clients and communicate with them in a much easier, more efficient way.
Blogs. I think it's pretty straightforward, the blog aspect.
This is the calendar section of the platform and obviously the club will want to house all the club-sponsored events in this calendar. But we highly recommend that you allow your members to input certain calendar events so that they have the ability to create that content and contribute to the overall environment of the platform. [00:04:00] If they want to pick up a basketball game and find somebody to that, this is a great way to reach out to the rest of the club community to do that.
I'm just going to go right back to the home page, and that is the main feed. Again, this is all permissions and roles based, so security is not an issue. The member chooses how much they want to share and what they want to share.
You saw the different icons of activity on the desktop version of the platform. This is really how that happens. It's all done with sensory technology beacons and the mobile app that we create for your club. That mobile app picks up the signal from the sensory beacon.
These are put on your existing equipment; you don't have to buy new equipment. It's really simple. As I approach the piece of equipment, it tracks that I'm getting on a treadmill because it knows based on the fact that we programmed this to be a treadmill that I'm accessing a treadmill. It tracks that, puts it in my feed or puts it in my profile, and automatically registers every piece of equipment that I use in the club.
If I want to I can select barbells and then it shows all the different exercises I can do. Then if I want to do a barbell drag, it shows exactly how I need to position my body and there's a video that demonstrates exactly how to do it.
There are two different ways that a member can actually access this or use this. They can be very hands off and just let the tracker track it for them in the background and fill in the blanks later. Or if they want to make sure that the alerts are on, they can be alerted when they approach a piece of equipment and they can enter in the details, the weight, the reps, the rate of running, or the incline that they use. It's really up to the member.
That's it for the mobile tracker. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. I'm Sara Bowman with GymGroups.