We are hiring...

As part of our growing needs in mobile, we're looking to hire senior mobile engineers with endless curiosity and interest in health & fitness in their daily lives.

As a mobile engineer, you will be working on our existing QT based mobile stack and be responsible of developing in C++ to respond to our growing number of product requirements. Since the mobile client works hand in hand with our server stack  (which is coded in PHP), familiarity with PHP, as well as Git and Linux are major pluses.

What we’re looking for

  • Product-driven pragmatic engineers, who love to work in small startup environments.
  • 3+ years experience with QT and C++
  • 3+ years experience with PHP
  • Familiarity with Java and Objective C (Android and iOS development)
  • Strong command of Linux and Git
  • Experience with REST APIs
  • Love of open source, social networking.

If that sounds like the right the opportunity for you, please shoot us an email at hr@gymgroups.com

To stay up to date with our job openings, keep an eye on our Twitter account and Careers Page.