Wrap-up of the Club Industry Show '2014

Lou Ferrigno:

I came here many years ago because I've always been passionate about equipment, about fitness. As a kid growing up, I lived a very introverted life and the gym was like my way to survive, as I had trouble connecting with people in the gym. That's why we're here with GymGroups, because it teaches you how to become more sociable in the gym and make connections with other members. When I was a kid, I had a hearing situation and a speech situation but I was very passionate about training so when I joined the gym, I got excited because it was a way for me to connect with someone.
I was very shy about talking to people because there are so many members you don't know. People who join the gym, they're intimidated by the gym environment because they feel they're not good enough and they don't know how to connect, so they feel very isolated. Because a gym atmosphere is very different compared with social life. Sometimes some people are not as sociable in the gym. Sometimes they're under a lot of stress and sometimes they're very involved with what they're doing, but the beauty about this situation, both about the connection because it's almost like an introduction without knowing how to approach or how to convey to the other person.
What you do in the GymGroups, how you're involved with the training and I think it's great because, especially now with the iPhone and social media, more people now are responding to an iPhone and they're connecting more on the internet, social media etc. than in person, so this brings the two together.