Q: What is a Private Social Platform
A: Private social platform means only your members, trainers, and staff can access the social platform.  Non-members and the public will not have access nor will they be able to view it.


Q:  We already use Facebook/Social media, why would we need a Private Social Network?

A:  Social media is just that, media.  It’s media to help advertise and promote to non-members, but Facebook does not engage your current members.  Facebook has it’s place, and this is not a replacement for social media.  On the other hand, a Private Social Network is a resource for your members to interact with each other, and it’s better tool for your trainers and staff to engage your members.


Q: How do you track activity if the members don’t use a strap/watch/bracelet and/or we don’t get new machines?

A:  We use something called a sensory beacon which is about the size of a silver dollar.  We program each sensory beacon for each type of machine such as a treadmill, elliptical, bench press, etc.  The beacon will get placed on the bottom of the machine so when a member comes into proximity of the beacon, the beacon knows to send information to the member’s mobile device.  The beacons do not make noise nor do they light up; they are placed on the bottom of equipment and the gym members don’t have to interact with the beacons at all.


Q: How do the beacons send data to the mobile device?  How does the beacon know the member is near?

A:  The sensory beacons use Bluetooth to connect just like your car or earpiece detects other devices.


Q:  Does the member have to use the phone every time they go to a new machine?

A:  No.  The member just has to install the mobile app on their phone and log in ONCE.  Even if the user was to close the mobile app, their activity will still be tracked.  The beacons will transmit data automatically and the member’s phone will track their activity.  The only time a member would need to interface with the mobile app again is if the member wanted to log more detailed info such as number of reps completed and level of intensity.  

Q:  What information gets tracked?

A:  When a member comes into proximity of a beacon, the mobile app will record the type of machine, the time they got on, and how long they were using that machine.  This is all automatic without user interaction.  Of course, the user can also manually input more detailed information such as number of reps completed and level of intensity.


Q: How much does it cost?  How does pricing work?

A: Pricing is based on a couple of factors such as the number of locations and size of locations.  Each pricing plan is customized specifically to that particular club, and we work diligently to provide the best value for our clients’ needs.